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INSPECTION CHECKLIST Residential Footing and Foundation April 2011 Mercer Island Mill Creek Sammamish Snohomish County Snoqualmie Woodinville 2012 Codes This checklist is intended for use to prepare for an inspection. This is only a general list and is not intended to address all possible conditions.
Prescriptive Checklist for the 2015 Washington State Energy Code 7 ☐ R402.2.8 Basement Walls Below-grade exterior wall insulation used on the exterior (cold) side of the wall shall extend from the top of the below-grade wall to the top of the footing and shall be approved for below-grade use. Above-grade insulation shall be protected.
FOOTING INSPECTION Approved plans on site CBC 2101.3. Location and size per approved plans: depth and width, keyway if required Clean of foreign debris ACI 318 7.5.1(d) Reinforcing steel per ACI 318 and ACI 530 o Properly sized and placement per plan ACI 318 7.5.1 o Minimum clearance to earth 3” ACI 318
Footings sound and rigid Scaffold plumb, square, and secured Guardrails/toeboards/screening Work surface fully planked Access ladder provided Harness/lifeline on swinging scaffold 5. Fall Protection Floor and wall openings covered and marked Roof edges protected Guardrails/toeboards used where possible
In the case of a footing foundation system, the recommended solution is a continuous strip footing below the load bearing walls, as shown in Figure 3.5. Figure 3.5 Footing below precast load bearing walls Similarly, a raft foundation system, as shown in Figure 3.6, will provide a uniform
TRAFFIC SIGNAL PLAN REVIEW CHECKLIST Page 4 of 8 Rev 2: 02/13/2019 S:\Global\B34-HighwayDesign\DERRY LONDONDERRY 13065\DESIGN-BUILD\RFP\RID\Traffic Signal Plan Review Checklist 02 13 19.docx Mast Arm Signs: Street names are spelled correctly Street name sign placement matches Special Provision 616.XXX
All elements of the building including footings, slab, wall framing, roof framing, floor framing, connections etc must be provided. CERTIFICATE OF DESIGN COMPLIANCE CHECKLIST Any class of building (mandatory for Class 2-9 Buildings)
rigidity of the soil and the footing, and the depth of foundation at level of contact between footing and soil. A concrete footing on sand will have a pressure distribution similar to Figure 11.2.a. When a rigid footing is resting on sandy soil, the sand near the edges of the footing tends to displace laterally when the footing is loaded.
___ if footing to be installed is by adjacent structures provide engineers report for stabilization and under pinning. ___Foundation grounding ___Adjoining property notification and access approval if needed.
3. Footing and slab details and dimensions, including the placement of steel reinforcement and waterproof membrane. Include details for the type of termite barrier to be used in compliance with AS3660.1. Note: Engineer endorsed footing and slab details are to be accompanied by a site report confirming
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STAIR FOOTING REQUIREMENTS ..... 22 STAIR LIGHTING REQUIREMENTS ..... 22 FRAMING AT CHIMNEY OR BAY WINDOW ..... 23 MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS & LIMITATIONS 1. This document applies to single level residential wood decks that are attached to the house to resist lateral forces. [R507.2.4] 2.

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Download Over 25 Cost Estimation Checklists for Free Download now C... ontent: Estimating Acoustical Ceilings Checklist Estimating Concrete Pad Footings Checklist Estimating Concrete Slabs Checklist Estimating Concrete Wall Checklist Estimating Concrete Work Checklist Estimating Demolition Checklist Estimating Doors Checklist Estimating Drywall Checklist Estimating Earthwork Checklist ... Jobsite Safety Inspection Checklist Pass Fail N/A General The company has a written safety program that is site specific where necessary. Emergency telephone numbers are located in a place that can be found quickly and easily. OSHA poster is posted. Minutes of jobsite safety meetings recorded are kept. Project Summary Report 1874-S – 2 – ASTM D 4253 and 4254 proce-dures were used to calculate relative densities for the soils City Hall 124 W Michigan Avenue Lansing, MI 48933 Phone: 517-483-4000 Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. •Titling cantilever wall in Grand Rapids, Michigan • A tilt of 10o increases the load by 20% • This problem likely exacerbated by undercutting of the footing by the Grand Jul 30, 2015 · Capex audit checklist 1. AUDIT CHECKLIST Name of the Company Address of company Year ended PAN No. Partner Name Signature Manager Name Signature Prepared by Name Signature Date of commencement of Audit Date of Report Financial statements Detail of Audit Team 1.

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