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Create commit with current branch name. Tagged with git, smart, commit, gitcommit. Story: I searched for command that could print the current branch(our branch name = Jira ticket number) and decided to concat it with hyphens, colons and user's input message. Smart commit github link.
A Node.js githook script that transforms commits into smart commits, prefixed with the JIRA issue tag. Join GitHub today. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.
I have configured the JIRA bug tracking system with GitHub DVCS. But when I commit the task with message of JIRA key and resolve status, it does not change the status as resolved in JIRA.
$ git commit -m 'closes RD-46' $ git push origin dev- 完成第3步骤时,对应的 bug 单 RD-46 就会有相应的 git commit 链接,可以跳过去查看修改的内容了 同理,如果将 SIT 代码合并到 UAT,只需要在 comment 处使用关键字,也能达到 UAT 的代码提交效果
JIRA 사용 설명서 및 tips. Current: JIRA 에서 스마트 커밋(Smart commit) 사용하기. ISSUE_KEY 에 해당하는 JIRA 이슈에 커멘트를 남깁니다. 아래는 TEST-34 지라 이슈에 "corrected indent issue" 라는 커멘트를 남기게 됩니다.
Close Jira issue via Git commit (2). Here is what you need to do to enable 'smart commits' I am using Jira and Git with the Jira Git plugin and I know I can reference an issue by just adding the name in the commit but I thought a commit message like "ISSUE-1 #close" would set the status to closed.
Commit to the Repo with a smart commit, log some time This smart commit will now properly be registered in JIRA; Merge into your master branch This will re-process the smart commit made in the fork; Fork again Your commit will now be processed AGAIN. There are now 3 comments and 3 times the work logged against a single issue.
A plugin to generate clientside git commit checking. #git #hook #validation #check #checker 1.0.40 (05 May 2017) ru.rambler.jiratasksupdater Gradle plugin retrieving git smart-commits and updating appropriate jira tasks. #android #jira #smart-commits #jenkins 0.1.6 (15 August 2016) com.github.ksoichiro.commit.checker Gradle plugin to check ...
Note that not only the local commit is replaced but also all commits and tags that depend on it. For example, if there is a local commit with a Git tag attached to it, after pushing the Git tag will be moved to the commit that has been fetched back from the SVN repository.
View your Git commits inside of Jira. Quickly view commit comments, files changed, and authors. Special integrations with GitHub.com, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab.com, GitLab server, + Azure Repos and more. Keep your Jira issues moving through your development process while keeping your quality high by reviewing code inside Jira.
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To learn more about JIRA Smart Commits, see Using Smart Commits . Configure JIRA to plan, track, and deliver quality code Make sure that you use JIRA Smart Commit to reference the JIRA issues in your GitHub commits. If you don't select this option, the JIRA tool integration ignores any commits.

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After linking JIRA to GIT account, with help of Smart-Commit developer can work with JIRA ticket transition states even without opening JIRA account. 3. JIRA-GIT Linking Create OAuth access token for your GIT account 1. Login to GitHub & select settings under Profile.Jul 15, 2014 · Integration with JIRA and HipChat – including the ability to create a new branch directly from a JIRA task: Inline code comments: User permissioning based on user and/or group membership: Code hosting and repository management for Git, including HTTP smart protocol and SSH protocol: Pull requests within a repository and between branches Dec 24, 2020 · Use the Commit dialog to submit changes to the Git repository. The dialog is displayed when you do any of the following: Select File > Source Control > Commit from the TestComplete main menu. Right-click within the Project Explorer and choose Source Control > Commit from the context menu. In Jira Server, Smart Commits is a setting toggle in the Connect Wizard or the git configuration page under Actions > Edit Integration Settings. In Jira Cloud, this setting is always enabled. v2.13.0+ Smart commits support for project keys that has an underscore "_" character. Integrate JIRA Smart Commits with GitHub. Retrieve git commits for a project Parameters that use the searchCriteria prefix in their name can be specified without it as query parameters, e.g. searchCriteria.$top -> $top. Commits - Get Commits. Service: Git. API Version

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